Summit, in close partnership with Sumitomo Corporation, has a well-established and very successful Export Department with access to reliable markets throughout Asia. The log exporting department is directly linked into Sumitomo Corporation’s extensive international business networks. Sumitomo Corporation has well-established log marketing teams based in all its major export markets. This close proximity to our customers allows Sumitomo, and in turn Summit to build and maintain solid relationships with all our customers.

Not only does Summit export volume from our own estate and managed forests, but we provide complete logistic and marketing options for your logs with the aim of maximising your profit.

To discuss our log purchase options, our log prices or to receive a market update, please talk to Paul (Head of Export and Regional Operations) on +64 21 244 7373.

Vessel Loading at North Port, Marsden Point



Marsden Point Port


Preparing logs for Export


Branded logs


Loader at work


Loading Ship for Export

Ship and Rail

Rail at Port Taranaki




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