Our People

To grow, harvest and market the best possible product we rely on a dedicated team.  This includes:

Our Operation Staff

Summit has a team of 10 staff managing and supervising our operations.  However, we can’t do it alone.  We also depend on a team of skilled contractors.


We have 1 large Silviculture crew (with 25 staff) contracted to grow the best trees we can.


To build the roads which access our wood, we need skill.  This comes in the form of 5 roading contractors with a range of skillsets to match any terrain.


We have 11 highly trained harvesting crews (totalling 70 staff) helping us to harvest our estate in a manner which protects our people, environment and that realises the value of the resource.

In total we have 4 hauler and 7 ground based operations within our estate and managed forests.


To get the logs to market we rely on the logistics, trucks and drivers of 4 cartage contractors.

Our Production

At present our annual production is 570,000  tonne.  We arrive at this figure through a detailed process of forest measurement and modelling to ensure we harvest at a level which we can sustain for the long term.

All area harvested with our estate is replanted the following year to ensure the continuation of our resource.


Our Locations

Auckland Office

Physical Address: Level 10, 57 Fort Street, Auckland 1010

Postal Address: PO Box 1749, Auckland 1140
Main Telephone Number: +64 9 967 5555
Fax Number: +64 9 967 5500


Northland Office


Physical Address: Aupouri Forest, RD 4, Kaitaia 0484

Main Telephone Number: +64 9 406 7024
Fax Number: +64 9 406 7025

Senior Management Team

Takashi Sasaoka
Managing Director

Kenji Okawa
Planning & Coordination, Deputy Export Manager

Henare Walker
General Manager


Paul Burridge
Head of Export and Regional Operations

Joel Clements

Chief Financial Officer



Bob Shirley
Forest & Harvest Manager – Northland




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